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Holy family Catholic Church, Torrington

Holy family Church, Torrington

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Mass has been celebrated regularly in the town since 1930, first in the Public Library and later in a room over a Corn Merchant's shop.  During the Second World War, a large number of Americans were stationed in the district; to serve their needs, Mass was celebrated in the local cinema.  After 1950, a small local hall was fitted up as a temporary Chapel.

The Torrington Catholics were hungry for their own Church, and they searched constantly for a suitable site.  In 1964 their efforts were rewarded. Dedication Plaque - Torrington  The new Church was built on a prominent hillside and enjoys glorious views of the North Devon Countryside.  It was opened by the Bishop of Plymouth on 25th March 1965 and a plaque commemorates this day.   The pleasant little Church fits wonderfully well into its setting.  This is the only Catholic Church between Bideford and Okehampton and it serves a growing number of Catholics living in the rural communities between these two towns.

A very generous parishioner paid for the church, and the church bell was presented by the  Archdeacon of Appledore, as an ecumenical gesture.  The applewood candlesticks were made at Buckfast Abbey.  The statues of Our Lady and St Joseph on either side of the Chancel are of Italian carved wood and were given by the late Sir Maurice and Lady Lacey.  The mosaic representation of the Stations of the Cross was designed, made and given by early visitors to the Church.